Loading Methods

Rail CargoLiner is a new express freight carriage with two loading platforms, one either side. The platform sits within the footprint of the freight carriage and extend down to the ground to facilitate the process of loading and unloading cargo. The product is aimed at the express freight sector and enables loading and unloading from three different scenarios; onto a platform infrastructure, straight into a van or lorry and down to the ground.

Platform Loading

The loading platform pivots and extends to allow for direct loading of roll cages into the carriage. The hydraulics allow the platform to be angled creating a ramp for roll-on roll-off capability, speeding up the loading process.

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Breach Loading

The loading platform can be angled and extended so that cargo can be moved easily and quickly between lorries and the carriage, creating Cross-Docking operations at any given location.

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Ground Loading

The loading platform uses linear rails creating a travel trajectory that ensures the platform clears the railhead. Hydraulics are used to keep the loading platform level whilst pivoting out and away from the carriage.

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