Loading Methods

Ground Loading

Rail CargoLiner creates accessible rail freight for any sized shipment. The capability of terminal free operations will create diverse freight opportunities across the entire rail network for the exchange and distribution of goods.


The loading platform uses linear rails to create a travel trajectory that ensures the platform clears the railhead. Hydraulics are used to keep the loading platform level whilst pivoting out and away from the carriage, moving safely to ground level.

The Bulkhead

Central to the loading platforms capabilities is the unique and innovative freight carriage bulkhead floor. The bulkhead creates a structural enclosure around the underside of the loading platform, protecting the lift chamber from dirt and debris. The unique design of the freight carriage bulkhead floor enables service and utility lines to continually run throughout the train whilst giving structural rigidity to the carriage.


  • Terminal-free accessible rail freight
  • No specialist labour or handling equipment
  • Diversification and re-purposing of rail sidings
  • Integration with greener vehicles and smart technologies
ground loading 2