The Innovative loading platform is fundamental to the Rail CargoLiner concept. The platform sits within the footprint of the express freight carriage and extend down to ground level to facilitate the process of loading and unloading cargo. Aimed towards the express rail freight sector the Rail CargoLiner enables loading and unloading at three different scenarios; onto a platform infrastructure, straight into a van or lorry and down to the ground.

Platform1 1

1. Top Platform – Steel
The top platform can pivot to any height using hydraulics

2. Height hydraulics – Sourced
These hydraulics work in unison with the linear rails to adjust the platform height

3. Tilt hydraulics – Sourced
These hydraulics control the angle of the platform

4. Mainframe – Steel
The main frame allows the platform to move along the linear rails

5. Extended – Steel
This platform extends out from under the top platform to breach larger gaps

6. Linear rail – Steel
The rail uses a motor system to drive the main frame up and down

7. Extending hydraulics – Sourced
These hydraulics control the extending platform

8. Ground supports – Sourced
The ground supports protect the underside of the platform

9. Safety guards – Steel
The saftey guards fold up to prevent the roll cages from falling

10. Tread plate – Steel
The tread plate creates a grippy surface for the roll cage